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     Etna - Specs  Manual  
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The Etna was awarded the 2007 top Platinum Adex Award for Design Excellence by The Design Journal Magazine.

With an upward flourish, the impressive Etna commands attention with its curvaceous, organic architecture flanked by wings of soaring sculptural tiles. These tiles are manufactured using a highly advanced manufacturing process and are designed to retain and then slowly release heat into the room.

It measures 58 high x 39 wide x 23 deep and weighs about 850 pounds. Etna has a huge 19 x 15 fire window that glides effortlessly up and down via a silent counterweight system. A push-button finger latch releases the door outward for ease of cleaning.

A slide out storage drawer below to house wood, tools, kindling. High-grade steel housing in gray. Tile color choice is cream (see below 61660). The Etna heats up to 38,000 BTUs; 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented. Efficiency tested at 78%.

For further specifications refer to the Wood Fireplace Catalog.

Stromboli (rotating)
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     Stromboli in steel                 Stromboli in tile

                        Stromboli in stone

The oval Stromboli floats on a pedestal and gracefully turns so the panorama of flames can be enjoyed anywhere in the room.

It is available in 10 tile colors or in natural stone with high-grade dark gray steel. Stromboli is also available in an all steel version.

It measures 42 high x 26 wide x 19 deep and weighs about 385 pounds.

Stromboli heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,600 square feet. Top vent only. Efficiency tested at 79%.

For further specifications refer to the Wood Fireplace Catalog.

    Specs   Manual    UL Label    EPA Report

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Cladding available in 30 different tile colors (shown below) as well as all steel, sandstone, or natural stone for most models.

 Tile Colors and their part numbers